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Best Way to Solve My Epson Printer will not Print

Apply these tips and tricks to help users correct the error My Epson Printer Won t Print. If users are having trouble following these steps, get the best technical guidelines.

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Re: Best Way to Solve My Epson Printer will not Print

Method 1: Check your printer connection
Your Epson printer may not be connected to your computer properly. So it’s worth checking the connection between your printer and your computer.

If you are using a USB cable to connect your printer:

Check if the cable is properly connected. If it isn’t, reconnect the cable and make sure they are properly seated into the ports on both your printer and your computer.
Connect your printer directly to your computer without using a hub.
Try connecting the cable to another USB port on your computer and see if this works for you.
You may also need to experiment with another cable and see if there is any problem with the cable you’re using.

If you are using a network printer:

Check your network connection as well as your network devices like your router and modem.
View the network connection status of your printer and see if your printer is properly connected to the network.
Reconnect or replace your network cable when necessary if your printer is using wired connection.
For wireless printer, try reconnecting your printer to your home or work network.


Method 2: Set your printer as the default printer
Your Epson printer may not be working because it’s not set as the default printer on your computer. To set your Epson printer as your default printer:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard at the same time to invoke the Run box.

2) Type “control” and press Enter on your keyboard.


3) Under View by, select Large icons.


4) Click Devices and Printers.


5) Right click your printer, and select Set as default printer.



I hope both these methods will be helpful to fix Epson printer issue.

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