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Could this be an "unfixable problem?"




I just got a new computer at home loaded with Windows 7. I downloaded Audition 3 earlier this week and I am having trouble figuring out how to record audio from the internet (say a youtube video) into Audition for Covoco. Keep in mind, this is a home computer. I don't have a mixing board set up here at the house.


Could this be an "unfixable problem?" I have heard that Windows 7 makes this kind of recording virtually impossible in order to avoid copyright infringement.


Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Re: Could this be an "unfixable problem?"

Hi andrey20


Firstly, a warm welcome to our forums! Hopefully you find some benefit to being a part of our community!


In terms of this issue, I would not be sure of the resolution myself as it is not strictly a BT issue as much as it is a software issue. I am going to move this topic to our general chatter board and hopefully someone in our community will be able to assist you with this!




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