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Help for Sports Charity

I am a trustee of a sports club that is a registered charity. We have had to close temporarily due to Convid 19. Are BT offerring any help in terms of waiving phone line and broadband charges during the closure as obviously we are not using either.

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Re: Help for Sports Charity

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Hi Minchenden


Hope you are well - very sorry to hear about that. It's a crazy time just now.


So after speaking with our billing team they advise that whilst you should not be chased up for your bills, and your services will not be suspended, the bills themselves would not be waived entirely, and would need to be paid eventually. With eveything going on, this process could change, but that is how it stands just now. If you do not need the service just now, you should be able to cancel it and get it reprovided when the time comes to reopen.


You can find more info about that, and BT's official statement here.


If you want more info about that you can contact our billing team on livechat or by calling in on 0800 800 152 - they can discuss this with you further and advise you fully on the processes regarding billing amidst the current pandemic.


All the best,


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