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How to restore index-FoxPro

The fact is that we have a program that was written a long time ago, and do not even know who wrote it. Recently, an employee incorrectly closed it and the index flew off! Now, When you try to open the error index does not match database file. create index statements, please tell me how to restore?

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Re: How to restore index-FoxPro

Hi Archerfish


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Sorry to hear you are having issues with this - I myself admittedly wouldn ot have much knowledge of FocPro, but there are others on the forums who would have much more expertise. You may potentially find this thread helpful. Hopefully there is some information there that will help you sort this issue!




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Re: How to restore index-FoxPro

As a variant try next step:

Copy a valid memo file over the corrupt memo file to access the database again.


NOTE: The original memo field information will be lost unless the valid memo file was an exact backup of the corrupt file. All memo field backup files have an extension of .TBK.


The corrupt memo file will have an .FPT extension, such as OLD.FPT. In the following example, assume NEW.FPT is a valid memo file. To bypass the error message and access the database again, type the following command at the MS- DOS command prompt:


Copy new.fpt old.fpt
or you can try to use dbf repair , find this service here

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