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Need help with problem ...

Good day! Working in the program appeared FoxPro error 2091 at the opening of the table. Tell me how to reconstruct it?

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Re: Need help with problem ...

Hi Pineapple


Welcome to the forum! I would not be familiar with a FoxPro error, but hopefully once of our members will be able to assist you with this!




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Re: Need help with problem ...

It is not necessary to rebuild a corrupt database. All corrupt databases can fixed in less than one minute. 

The solution is :

Open database to main screen

Copy the database but only one record(just pick a not recent record number at random; include "all", I usually name this database "FixMMDD" (( month Day))

Open original database to mainscreen and append the FIXMMDD.dbf.

You're done. 

Occassionally you may have to update indexes. Very rarely are any records lost and when it happens those few records are clearly garbled.

I've been doing this for three years with no problems.

If you have fields that increment you'll have to adjust that for your last valid value.

or you can try to use dbf repair , nice service , find it here

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