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i havebeen waiting 5 months for acomplaint to be sorted

from pillar to pillar

from 5 different bt staff

ref 186096 complaint numbers 190914-000330


can some one please help


it really feels like bt does not care!


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Re: complaint

Hi Cash


Hope you are well - very sorry to hear you are having ongoing issues. I have spoken with the agent who sent you that email a few months back and made them aware you are still having issues. They are going to pick this up and will be emailing you directly to try and get a resolution.


Please note, I have also had to remove the post where you pasted the email as it had several instances of account information that other people could use to try and access your account, and I asked edited your post above to remove agents full names for data protection.


As I mentioned though, I have passed the case off to one of the agents you dealt with previously, and they will be contacting you shortly in regards to this. I do hope yoau are able to get this all sorted soon!




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