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Anyone with BT Broadband/Phone/Internet - can you help?


Wasn’t really sure where to ask this, but basically me and my partner have just moved into our first house and we’ve chosen BT as our broadband provider. We’ve also opted for their digital phone “landline”, as well as a TV package so we’ve got a box.

I’ve been reading about the Smart Hub 2 needing to be set up via the master phone socket, but there’s a problem. I wanted the Hub to be set up in the living room, yet the master phone socket is in the bedroom. There is, however, a BT fibre broadband cable going into the wall in the living room. Would it work if I were to just plug this cable into the Smart Hub? Or do I still in some way need to link it to the master phone socket (I.e. do I need to plug the hub in, in the bedroom?)

Thanks in advance.



Just try it in the living room, it may be fine.  The master socket is preferred but not absolutely neccessary.