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Any experience with getting phone line and broadband for new builds?

So I’m moving into a brand new flat tomorrow and the phone line and broadband haven’t been installed yet. But my postcode has already been registered with Royal Mail.

I called up BT and they charged me £70 for line installation and £19 a month for JUST line rental, with the option to adjust my package for broadband once the line had been installed.

Whereas Sky and TalkTalk said my address wasn’t registered on their databases at all. The guy from Sky even told me not to go with BT because I might be stuck with only a landline in the future, and I should call them back in a week’s time to see whether there was a update.

So whom should I believe and what should I do? Any experience? As it stands, I’m already looking at 28/9 for the engineer appointment T.T how am I going to survive for months without wifi...

On another note, in the meantime, should I just tether my laptop to my phone and get a data boost for my phone plan, or get a dongle? Which would be better?

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