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BT Broadband Annoyances - 50mb Avg Speed

So, as title. I've just come to update broadband service and been given this bizarre pricing plan and download speed estimate.

The basis:


Superfast Fibre

  • 50mb Average download speed.

  • Running through the small print from the sales agent - Estimates 24-40mb download speed.


So, the estimated speed doesn't remotely reach the average download speed stated for the payment tier. I stated in which case I would like a lower level tier then (back to my current contract - Avg 37mb download speed. Apparently that isn't available.

How can I be offered a Superfast 50mb Avg service but only ever be able to get a maximum of 40mb (highly unlikely anyway)? Surely the estimated speed should be 40-60mb for a 50mb avg?

I appreciate my somewhat rural line is limited, perhaps limited to 40mb, but I should never be told the minimum plan is 50mb to which I will never see. Why should I be given the same price plan as someone else who gets 50+mb out of the same scheme.

To top it off, haggled and managed to get £2 per month off, but If I was a new customer I could be saving £5 a month off the exact same service.


Should I be looking elsewhere? Who offers a better broadband service?

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