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How to deal with BT's customer service? (other service providers as well)

We placed an order to get our broadband from BT. They told us the installation date would be in a month, which at that point was fine.

BT delayed the installation, and we also noticed we had entered the wrong post code while placing the order. (The post code was off by one letter) Eventually they managed to update our info, but still they would just send an e-mail telling us they would install it on xx.10.2016, but no one ever showed up. This happened a couple of times, no apology, just a very impersonal announcement.

It's also impossible to get hold of them. Their call center in India (?) has very limited resources when it comes to dealing with this, and I would just like to talk to some senior manager or whatever here in the UK, as they can probably do something else than just write a ticket. This week we were transferred to some British staff member to discuss compensation, but he hung up on us mid-sentence, and today no one answered.

Also, can we just terminate the contract based on them not being able to provide the service? That's what I'd really like to do but I have no idea what the laws are here in the UK. Everyone I know got their broadband from someone else and had it up and running in less than a week.

I know a lot of people here have dealt with the ISP's here, and any suggestions or tips you have are very welcome.

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