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Porting issue

Hi Guys

Wondering if someone could please help me on this topic.
I’ve moved my services from EE to BT Business, line should have been activated on the 30th July my router arrived and installed working perfectly but i still haven’t received my Yealink W60 so i rang up they said there was a little delay in sending them out due to a back log but in the mean time if i go into my portal i could call divert which i did but then started getting calls from everyone on my mobile asking why my number is showing up as not recognised yet in the portal it’s clearly showing my number i can also call out from my BT cloud voice app with that number but when it come to anyone ringing me it shows as incorrect number,I’ve rang BT on numerous occasions and get answers like it should be live in a few days or someone should be ringing you later on to discuss this situation the last i heard it might be a porting issue but they are not sure and I’ll call you back in a few hours to discuss the progress which never my account it’s still showing the order for my line as in progress but at the same time they telling me that shouldn’t be the case and that i should be able to make and receive calls via the BT cloud app.
Just a quick recap of the above
Broadband working
No Yealink W60
BT voice cloud app showing number and calling out with my number that was moved from EE.
Anyone who calls that number says it’s a incorrect number.

Hope someone can shed some light on what the problem can be.

Many thanks.

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