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Re wrongly applied termination fees

I just posted this but it seems to have disappeared, so here it is again.  My profile says I have 1 post but it shows as 'no posts'...

Here is a short version of my saga...

I had two land lines with Featureline and Infinity fibre broadband on one.  In April BT Local Business Sales persuaded me to switch to two new Cloud phones retaining the same phone numbers.  I was told that I needed a new number for broadband so that the Featureline could be cancelled, this was installed with just a new connection box added to the existing wiring.  I was told by sales that there were to be no termination charges as I was not leaving BT but simply upgrading.

The new phones are fine, the new broadband is fine but Billing have since taken £384 on each of the phone accounts and £605.24 on the broadband account.  My sales rep has assured me that as well as these charges being wrong there is apparently some other charge to do with installation that should not be there - I don't have the details of this one.

Since April there have been many conversations and emails with sales, including a conference call with sales and billing and many assurances that this will be sorted and refunded but BT continues to take the money by Direct Debit.  This has caused me a great deal of stress as well as interest lost on the money taken from my account.  I have not yet put in a formal complaint but I'm getting close to doing this.  Has anybody any suggestions of what is best to do to recover my lost money, now almost £1400.00 ?

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