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Reselling /sharing a sought after phone number?

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To keep a long story short.

I currently have a VERY sought after geographical number with BT Business in England.

I use it day to day for business use but it is very low traffic.

Over the years I have been approached by local companies asking if I would be willing to share the phone number with them.

Now I am not a techie person but they said I could modernise the phone number with VOIP Cloud and setup redirects to other local numbers etc.

So is it possible for me to do the following:

a) Redirect the number completely to another local number seamlessly, i.e. the caller doesn't know theyve been transferred

b) What if the other number is setup for 10 connections, so they can answer 10 calls concurrently. Does my number need to have 10 concurrent connections?

c) Is it possible to setup something like "Press 1 to call Company A, Press 2 to call Company B" ?

d) Would it be easy to generate my own invoices from the BT bill I get from that number? i.e. Company A usage was £183 , my companies usage was £21

e) I see online that you can rent numbers which I am assuming have been provisioned from BT, so if I was to share or sub-rent my number out, will this be ok with my terms and conditions?


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Re: Reselling /sharing a sought after phone number?

Hi radosabo


Hope you are well! I think the person best able to answer all of these questions for you would be someone in our sales team or our customer options team. If you PM me a few details - the number in question, as well as your best contact number and name - I can fire that off to our sales team or our customer options team and someone can then get back in touch with you to advise you on what would be best for this. I think Cloud would probably be the easiest way to go with this one, but they will be able to give you all the information you require Smiley Happy




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