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Terrible experience trying to convert to Cloud Voice Express

I just wanted to warn anyone thinking about going over to Cloud Voice Express... don't!!


I have been waiting for over two months to try to convert our business line to Cloud Voice Express in order to allow staff working from home to answer phone calls. After being promised a two week turnaround the handset arrived but nothing else has happened. I have had three orders accepted and then not fulfilled with endless excuses about service IDs not being on the order, etc. I made a formal complaint and two months later it is still not resolved. I have given up and I will not be considering this again. Even the complaint has been a shambles having been promised one person to handle it (I think I'm on my 4th now).


Please be very careful if you have a sales person trying to persude you to move over and BT this needs sorting out or you will be losing customers. I will be leaving as soon as my contract is up.

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