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Virtual Phone?



Not sure if this is in the right section, but does anyone know if i can obtain a (local) business number from BT but have it diverted to my home number or mobile? Basically this is so I can work at home without giving my home number out on the marketing materials. The business requires a local number also, as opposed to a 0800 etc..


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Re: Virtual Phone?

Hi Kelly


BT Offer a service called Remote Call Forwarding. BT's Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) is a facility for transferring incoming calls to a different location. It is used when you has moved out of the exchange area do not wish to lose calls, or if the you wish to advertise a number from a certain area where you do not actually have a physical presence.


This is an expensive service, as you have a connection charge and rental of a number at the exchange, you would also incur some call charges. But you can other cheaper diversion features.


If you are interested in this service please contact us.


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Re: Virtual Phone?

Going to write a full an honest reply, just so people have something to work with. I personally travel a lot, for the majority of my work in other countries that I travel to I need SMS sending/phone transferring services because of the way my business works. For quite a while I was a loyal user to Phoenix. I did, however, have a few problems here and there. After consulting with the coworkers in my business I was recommended to try After trying this product for a good and solid couple of months I came to realize that this service is just what I needed to transfer incoming calls to my employees who are in a different country. Just so you know it's a free business phone system, all you have to buy is a virtual phone number. Now, I am a much more loyal user to "sendmycall" as what they provide saves a lot of time in my work, I can now give my customers a simple, convenient way to reach me.

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