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Where's my business landline phone number gone??????

Attempted to change over to BT Digital, how the hell does a company the size of BT manage to "loose" a phone number?

They send a new phone with a Swansea phone number on the line.......we are located in Durham!

After numerous calls to BT at Dundee, Mumbai and god knows where else, still nothing.  We have all our paperwork, business cards ...everything with our DURHAM number - our shop is actually just round the corner from the BT "complaints" department in Providence Row, Durham.

Our complaint is currently "parked", whatever that means, after we have been passed from pillar to post, none of which appear to be able to do anything.  

Also because they have "lost" the number, they are unable to re-direct to the designated mobile.

For god's sake the current situation is bad enough for small business' without the "help" of BT.

We've even had customers call at our shop because they are so concerned that we might have gone out of business.

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