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moving phone line , try somebody else

I was persuaded against better judgement to give BT another chance after many problems over the years as I was moving business address and wanted to keep the same phone number I have had for the last 30 years. No problem apparently as long as I signed an ew 24 months contract to a higher price than now is being advertised. The line as wellas the hub was supposed to be up and running 14 December, installation between 8am and 1 pm. The enginner turned  up 6pm after i had been told he wasnt coming. The hub was installed but with limited power but not the line. Now, over a week later i have not managed to get any phoneline or any reasonable explanation. It looks like now I have to wait till the new year to get a phone line and I cantget anyone with any authority to look into this. Please dont make the same mistake as me, there must be better providers than BT out there and the stress and hours spent over the last week besides not being able to conduct my business make me regret my decision 100%. The matter is now with my lawyers but even suing doesnt really help me in my present predicament

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