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BT Cloud Phone - Outbound ports to enable on Firewall



I tried enabling following ports on our firewall as per this KB (




BT Cloud Phone Meetings signalingSIP/TCPN/A8801, 8802
BT Cloud Phone Meetings mediaRTP/UDPN/A8801

But still couldn't make calls using the BT Cloud Phone.

Does anyone know which outbound ports we need to enable on the firewall to allow us to make/take calls on BT Cloud Phone? Thank you.




Hi Shefi,


I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your service.


Please can you send me a PM with some account information by heading to my profile and hitting "Send Message"? From there, I'll be able to get our Cloud team to look into this.


Power User

To create an outbound port rule

Open the Group Policy Management Console to Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.

In the navigation pane, click Outbound Rules.

Click Action, and then click New rule.

On the Rule Type page of the New Outbound Rule wizard, click Custom, and then click Next.

On the Program page, click All programs, and then click Next.

On the Protocol and Ports page, select the protocol type that you want to block. To restrict the rule to a specified port number, you must select either TCP or UDP. Because this rule is an outbound rule, you typically configure only the remote port number.

If you select another protocol, then only packets whose protocol field in the IP header matches this rule are blocked by Windows Defender Firewall. Network traffic for protocols is allowed as long as other rules that match don't block it.

To select a protocol by its number, select Custom from the list, and then type the number in the Protocol number box.

When you've configured the protocols and ports, click Next.

On the Scope page, you can specify that the rule applies only to network traffic to or from the IP addresses entered on this page. Configure as appropriate for your design, and then click Next.

On the Action page, select Block the connection, and then click Next.

On the Profile page, select the network location types to which this rule applies, and then click Next.


Hope You Find This Useful,