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Being sent bills for an account I dont have - never been with BT help please ?

I keep being sent bills/ overdue payment reminders in the post and via email for a business account registered in Manchester - I live at a residential address in Stourbridge in the west midlands


I am a private person not a business at a residential address - I have never had any account with BT


every month I call the number on the bill - bt business billing - give them the account number on the paper - they look up the account number - and cant see any of my details on the account they look at - they cant find any record of my name or household address or email


yet I still keep being sent the bills each month - I have been told to write 'not at this address' each time and send it back and am told each month it wont happen again and they cant understand where my details are coming from

and then another letter drops in the post


can anyone here help me - the last bill was over £700 that was sent to my address - and when I call I just keep being told not to worry - how can I not worry !