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Moving from Bus to Res - total frustration!

Community Forum mod told me to re-post here...

Total Utter Frustration!!!! This is complicated but NOT rocket science. Perhaps a mod can advise.


I work from home. Since the days of fax machines I have always had two lines. Line A is a Business line. Line B is a residential Line. Line A is a feature line (dial9) with caller display call waiting and call diversion. Line B has Infinity 2 BT TV call packages etc.

Two lines these days are simply not required. The plan was to make Line A Res and move the services on Line B onto line A. The existing “features” would be added to the package. The Line A number must be retained. However, internally the Infinity master socket is on Line B and burglar alarm wired into Line A.

I spoke to the Business Team- passed to Bus- conversion team. Told it would be £70. Placed order. When I mentioned the internal cabling layout I was told not to worry as Easy Assist would help. Spoke to them – even emailed at their request cabling layout and pictures of sockets. Nice people but did not know the difference between a Standard Master socket for handset plugs and the Infinity socket with two different size sockets BT handset and Modem/Router which  I think is RJ11.


Have been told an engineer’s visit would be required - £130

No charge if Broadband added to Line A once Res…but it would take 2 weeks without Broadband

New Contract- no new contract.

Line A number cannot take ownership of Line B number

Line A number can take ownership of Line B number  - this would mean the Broadband would work I would keep the Line A number and the Burglar alarm engineer would need to make a change into the cable at a junction box.

Frustrated at a lack of response from Easy Assist (No Assist at all) on Tuesday I spent 50mins from 8am speaking to 4 departments to put the Bus to Res on hold until I knew exactly what the costs were.

Sadly buck passing and misinformation has reached dizzy heights and no one department seems to take ownership of getting me to where I want to be. As for the Chat line customers are referred to on their order email, they redefine totally useless. For complicated issues like this why cannot a case handler be assigned to see it through to completion?


HELP….please as my neighbours are complaining about the noise of my head banging against a brick wall!!!

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Re: Moving from Bus to Res - total frustration!

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Hey DigitalDave,


It sounds like you've went through a lot of bother with the Bus to Res process. Certainly not an easy experience as a customer. Just addressing a few of the points that you've made...


  • There would be a new contract after going through with the Res to Bus process. BT Business and BT Residential use different contracts (included services, SLA, prices) so it would be a new provision.
  • Line A should be able to take ownership of Line B number via a number port. Ideally, they would keep your business broadband service live until the date that your residential broadband service is activated to prevent downtime. 

In any case, you're best speaking with the Bus to Res team directly to clarify this. If you're unhappy with the answers that you're given by any team, raise a complaint - this will make sure that someone is taking ownership of your concerns and gives you all of the information that you need. 



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Re: Moving from Bus to Res - total frustration!

Thanks for your response Bobby. I might have one last go with Bus to Res on Monday and going through the complaint proceedure should produce case ownership.


It only ocurred to me yesterday that by the time I pay to have the "features" on the Res line (Call Diversion - Caller Display) on the res line the saving is not going to be worth the effort Smiley Frustrated

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