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Over a month before an engineer can install!

I today ordered a new line to be installed and was told that the earliest this could happen would be 17th Feb. I was shocked and appalled. I am setting up a new business and this cannot go ahead until the phone line is installed. Over 1 month to get an engineer out. Not only that, it is nearly impossible to complain to BT, live chat is a waste of time as the chap at the other end kept passing the buck, no ownership of the complaint. The fact I am a long serving customer of BT seems to be of know benefit and they even failed to connect my calls back to BT when I asked them to back in May - I even still have the confirmation of the order which they never completed. Appalling service standards from BT, they clearly need more engineers and better training for their customer service agents.

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Re: Over a month before an engineer can install!

Hi Cat1205,


Sorry to read about the issues that you are having with the order of your Business Telephony line.


You can contact out Order Team who would be able to have a look at the order for you and also discuss any concerns you have with the order.


Hope this is of help






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Re: Over a month before an engineer can install!

Well I think my quandry outweighs that one.... I've just been sent a bill for 'x' amount, whatever. I had my BT Vision box and hub delivered on the 3rd of December, [I ordered it at the end of October.] I was meant to have an installation. I waited in and as I directly opposite the Open Reach BT Depot can see hundreds of the vans going out daily, but no one called.

I contacted BT help, whilst tracking my order found the engineer who "Hadn't" called, estimated and assumed I have a telephone socket. I phoned right back explaining I still needed a phone line. I was again informed I have one. There are satellite cables sticking out of the wall, you cannot put a telephone into two digital cables. THAT is the signal your people are recieving it is not a telephone socket. I have a bluray player and 3D TV that both require a LAN If I had a line I'd be using it wouldn't I ? As I say I've just been directly debited and despite the fact I'm opposite the depot and all it takes is for one person to walk across the road [literally] assess that I cannot use any of the equiptment as there is no phone.. Instead of being told I now have to wait til the 2nd of January... I'm highly disappointed and very frustrated by the whole situation. Until it's sorted I will not be satisfied.. My TV has difficulty holding a digital signal. Its very frustrating. Not pleased, Christmas next week and no internet connection. Highly irregular....

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Re: Over a month before an engineer can install!

and we wonder why the country has problems, if new business can not get started-"oh it because of the poor service of BT" we have the same problem at the moment, we ahve been given a simular date.  This set back is loosing us money.  The issue I have got is why BT make it so hard/difficult, the office we are moving into has a line in.......I could go on.


Just wanted to say I feel your pain with this.


Good Luck with your business

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Re: Over a month before an engineer can install!

ey Cat I can beat your complaint by miles, and yes I agree they are terrible, even their comp[laints team have attitude, read this copy of my email to them;


From: James Kidd [
Sent: 19 December 2012 16:13
To: Buckley,WJ,Warren,M7 R
Subject: Customer service issues


Hello Warren,


Due to BT giving BT Openreach the wrong exchange number twice we are having great difficulty having a new/additional line connected at our business premises:



Gorgeous Therapies Ltd (not Therapist)

29-35 Hamilton Place





We took the lease for the above commercial property on 29th October and immediately ordered two phone lines and broadband. We were assured that one phone line 0131 343 1152 could be connected almost right away but it would take a few weeks for the other line and broadband to be connect. Sure enough 343 1152 was connected within a few days.


We were sent an abundance of paperwork which was not only confusing but not that informative as it stated a phone number which may or may not be the number we end up with, taking this literally we could not have any business paperwork, stationery, flyers or cards printed neither could any of our therapists who are working from these premises. 


As arranged your contractors, 'Kelly?' turned up on 29th of November and took a couple of hours to tell us that he could not do anything as the number we had been given was for a different exchange apparently this 220 number could not be connected to our premises, seems obvious considering we already had a 343 number installed. 


I immediately called BT to try and sort it out and eventually cancelled the order for a new line with broadband and got the broadband installed on the line we had 343 1152, begs the question why was this not the arrangement from the start? I was advised this would take a maximum of 5 working days but then got paperwork stating it would go live on the 10th November, remember this order was placed on 29th October therefore well in excess of 5 working days.


Still on the 29th, I re-ordered a new line, no broadband this time and we were given to-days date for installation, please keep in mind that we still can't get paperwork prepared as the number we had been given would not necessarily be the number we ended up with. The BT Openreach installers arrived today and within 10 seconds had declared that they could not connect the number 225 6823 to our premises as this was from a different exchange, Rose Street. 


I had used the 17070 number from various sockets in the premises and advised the installers that 343-1897 and 343-6312 were both live lines and asked them to contact someone to enable them to get one of these lines, they reluctantly agreed to speak to their manager George Dalglish and they said that he had advised them not to do this. 


We are at our wits end trying to get a second line connected to our premises which consists of a hair salon, three therapy rooms a meeting/training room and a gift shop, none of which are at their optimal as we can not advertise as we still do not have both of our lines or even the numbers, we can not even provide gift vouchers which we had hoped people would purchase as gifts.


I have been advised on more than one occasion by your after sales staff not to complain until the situation is resolved as until then no compensation can be calculated but, as it seems, the situation may never be resolved. I am asking if you could please intervene in this fiasco and arrange to have a second line installed at the earliest. In any event we have now missed the Christmas opportunity for sales.


In the interest of brevity I have not detailed all of the conversations and problems we have had.


Please help us!



James Kidd and Rachel Swanney, Gorgeous Therapies Ltd (and not Therapist Ltd as your team keep referring to it.)


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