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assigining extension numbers to two BT Featureline phones

I have two BT featureline phones, how do I assign each with an extension number?


I have phoned the Featurline helpdesk and the chap there said that the engineer should have given me the extension numbers when I got the phones  (there was no engineer, the phones were bought via BT online shop). He then recommended that, as I have two phones, to try 20 and 21 as their extension numbers.


Please help I don't want to have to phone helpdesk and queue at help desk again I just want to transfer calls between the two phones!

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Re: assigining extension numbers to two BT Featureline phones

You must have two featurelines in order to be able to configure the phones as extensions, if you have just plugged them into a standard BT line, you will get a dialtone, but will not be able to transfer the calls as you would do on a Featureline, simply because it isn't!


If you are trying to use them on a featureline, then these will be sequential from 20 or 21. It is a case of plugging them into a line and seeing which is which.


And if you don't know if you've got a Featureline or not, the chances are you haven't - It requires you to 'Press 9 to get a line', so if you don't have to include 9 on every outside call, then chances are you are just on a standard line.