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How to restore FoxPro database?

Just ask not to throw... no rush - Yes, I know stupid. FoxPro generally the second time in my life used.

The structure of the database was broken.
There is a database used by the program. I opened the table files with FoxPro. At the same time, when trying to open some tables, a message was displayed that the file could not be opened because of its connection with the database. In the message three buttons: locate, delete, cansel. When you click on the first table and could not open. Since it was necessary to get the data, chose delete. I suspect it removed the link to the table. In General, now when the program has errors such as "Such a table does not belong to the database so-and-so".

This database stores the results of a two-week work of the whole Department. There is no backup available.
There is a similar base, i.e. the structure is saved. It is urgent to restore the database.

As I understand it, you either need to include the tables in the database, or the links have been removed and they have to be restored - for this you will need to look at the structure of the database copy. How can this be done?
Help, please!

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Re: How to restore FoxPro database?

Hi extremmum


This is not something I am too familiar with on my end - but hopefully someone on our forum will have the expertise to assist you with this! I will also reach out to a few people on my end to see if anyone has an answer for you.




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