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Need to have a rant and then have a question.


For years we have had one phoneline and one broadband account, had two bills paid both and not really had any problems.  Recently we've had to add another phone line and broadband for an address different to our existing one.  We were told we would have to be on a onebill account, which sounded great as it would mean only one amount to pay instead of four.  Well we've had nothing but problems since, we are still receiving separate bills for our original phone line and broadband and the new phone line, then we received a onebill which only had the new broadband on, we don't understand the onebill at all.  


We paid all the bills we received, yet just had a really nasty phone call from BT saying we hadn't paid.


At this point I'm sick of the whole thing and just really want to cancel everything we have with BT, so my question is does anyone know how we go about doing that?