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Domain already exists as 365 Tenant


We're trying to establish a 365 account for one of our domains -


I moved our domain away from BT over a year ago and we have recently decided to migrate to Office 365.


However, when I try to verify, I receive an error:- was already added to a different Office 365 tenant


Sign in to that account as a*** or other admin account and remove domain Then come back here and try adding to this account again.


I have deactivated all email users and so the domain should automatically be removed from the 365 platform?


Please could you check and let me know if it has been removed?


Many thanks

Dan Gailer


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Re: Domain already exists as 365 Tenant

Hi there Dan,


I have had a look and there are still email addresses setup for this with BT, which is why you are not able to move to another Office 365 supplier.


If you contact our helpdesk via this link they can help get the email addresses removed to allow it to be setup elsewhere.



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