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Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004]



Domain name held by 1 and 1, points correctly [according to 1 and 1] to the bt server.


Everything was fine with the site until pm [13.00] last Thursday, we have made no changes to webpages.


We use expression web 4 and ftp filezilla. We still seem to be able to edit and upload web pages.


We believe all files are in a public folder.


BT believe it 'should work ok', but we get this "Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004]"


We also get.......



The website declined to show this webpage.


This error [http 403 forbidden] means that IE was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.


There is obviously suddenly a permissions issue somewhere here, but no-one in BT can say where or how.



We sell books and now can't sell anything! A major issue - as we have a new David Hamilton book on release that people can't buy!!


As stated, we have checked our PC and used expression web / filezila from another PC, but nothing changes, so we don't believe the issue is our end



Please help - URGENT



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Re: Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004]

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Hi Ashwater,


Although your DNS records are pointing to the BT Hosting after checking this you do not actually have any hosting serviices through BT, this is why you are getting the "Not authorized" pages.


If you believe that you do have hosting with BT, please send me a pvt message with your primary email address which will allow myself to investigate further.



Ian Ferrier

BT Business Support

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