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Problems managing my new webhosting

After having problems with the server serveral times this year I bit the bullet and went for the BT webhosting starter package.  I am sure that many will know the problem, the red page of death from Google because someone on the server had malware on their webpages.


Well everything has been going okay with the new website, the hosting has been okay even if it has taken me a couple of days to get used to it.  However, today when I wanted to check a couple of things regarding the keywords, check if I had a sitemap and if not how I write one.  I log in ok and get the manage services page, but when I go to manage the webhosting it automatically logs me out of the bt website centre.  I have not changed anything and I have logged into the account, so why can't I log into the website management area?  Does anyone know of a problem?


I have tried it several times, but always the same result.  I have enough tried clearing all the web history and temporary files from my computer, but no joy.  Has anyone else had the problem and more importantly how can it be overcome?


Any help would be gratefully received, I can't say that I want to spend another 30 minutes on the phone to BT. 

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