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Content screening removed from 2701 BT Business Hub?


I have had a BT Business Hub 2700 for about a year, until it developed an intermittent fault this week.  The helpdesk decided I needed a new router (agreed) - and sent one out.  The new one arrived yesterday - version 2701HGV-C.


I got it all set up and working yesterday, and then tried to configure the content screening and time restrictions, both of which are an important features for me. 




I spent another long session on to the helpdesk last night.  Initially, they were equally as baffled as me - but eventually managed to establish that content screening has indeed been removed on the latest version of firmware, in order to try and resolve the problems downloading large files which others have been experiencing.


This is no use to me - content screening on my hub is an integral part of my overall setup - I absolutely do not want to have to configure, and control, individual content screening on individual machines.  Personally, this is far more important to me than downloading large files (although I realise other people may have other priorities).


To be fair, the helpdesk have tried to order a replacement 2700 for me (but can't guarantee this will be available) - should find out in the next day or two.  If they can't issue me with a 2700, I am at a loss as to what to do next - I find it astounding that what, to me, is such an integral part of the router functionality can simply be removed, and apparantely without informing customers - or even helpdesk staff.  I have tried searching online, and through these forums, and can see no mention of the removal of content screening anywhere.  The online manual for the 2701 router has a section on how to set up content screening.


If anybody from BT can comment on this, I would be very grateful - or if anybody else has received a new router in the last week or so, and does have content screening still available, I would like to hear from you.


For info, the hardware version is: 2701-100630-009, and the firmware version is:


Thanks for any comments, or suggestions on the way forward for me.



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Re: Content screening removed from 2701 BT Business Hub?

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I have a 2701 with the same firmware ( and that has beenrunning since February.     I do not use content screening or times here so have never looked (until now) but I too am surprised that it has disappeared.


There are a lot of business locations where that facility is useful.


I can make a couple of suggestions:


Where is the fault on the old hub?   If it is on te modem side then you could use the 2701 as a bridge and the old 2700 as te router where all te functionallity will be available.


Go onto ebay and find a NEW boxed v6 2700 - it might cost you £10-£20 but it will overcome the problem.  Then twist BT's arm to give you 1 month rental free.



Edit to add:


Having looked at the 2wire website, I remember seeing the time control bars on the 2700 I have here but not using doing anything with them.   They are definitely not there now, so has a remote firwware update happened?   


If so, an older 2701 might work but updates would need to be off.


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Re: Content screening removed from 2701 BT Business Hub?

Thanks for the suggestions.


I have today received the (second) new hub - also a 2701.  I have been back onto BT, and am waiting for a further call back from 2nd line support.


However, my conversations seem to have established that content screening has been (or will very shortly be) removed from all Business Hubs (2701 and 2700), via  a firmware update.  They are also intending to remove all references to content screening from the online sales pages and user guides for the business hub ASAP.


This obviously ties in with MHC noticing that content / time control is no longer available on his hub, where it used to be.


This means that ANYBODY who has previously installed a Business hub and set up content screening will no longer have this protection.  If my own 2700 had not failed, then content screening would have been disabled in any case, and I would have known nothing about it.  I find this appalling - I cannot believe that BT can remove such an integral part of a network setup, without even informing customers about it.


Purchasing a hub via ebay is a helpful suggestion, but will require firmware updates to be turned off before connecting, or content screening will end up being disabled anyway. (I actually suspect it could have been a firmware update overnight on Monday night this week which caused my 2700 to fail, but have no firm proof of that).


I will wait to see what suggestions 2nd line support have for a solution for me.  I suspect individual PC level content control software will be the only option - with all the associated time and cost implications for that.

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Re: Content screening removed from 2701 BT Business Hub?

Another option is to use opendns register for there free account and change the routers dns to theres you can then set up content blocking.


Either certain sites , or blocks like all p2p stuff ,all streaming , porn , proxy servers etc.


Advantage is you dont have to change any pcs as its done via the routers dns. and just set it back to auto if you wish to use BT's dns

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