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Getting the best out of your Community Forum - please read before you post

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This Community Forum is a place where BT Business customers come to help each other get the most from our products and services, so feel free to ask questions, throw around ideas and share your very valuable knowledge with other customers. As an active member of the Community, you can build up your ranking by posting useful information and answering other customer’s questions. This Community is for BT Business customers, so if your post relates to products and services you have at home, you can get help on the BTCare Community Forum.


There are Moderators keeping an eye on the Forum and if we can, we’ll try and answer posts where other members haven’t been able to help – it’s not the right place to come if you need a fast response to a complaint or want to report a fault. For the quickest way to get your complaint dealt with, see how to make a complaint about BT Business. To report or track the progress of a fault, try the Repair CentreAnd you can see what’s happening with any orders you place on the order tracker.


And don’t forget, if you can’t get your answer here, our Help pages are full of useful articles, videos and step-by-step guides. If you do need to contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help, so why not chat online.


Now for the formal side of things…


If you’re new to our Community or forums, you’ll find the how do I participate in the Support Forum? article useful.


All our members should be familiar with the Forum guidelines, our terms of use and the key take-outs of our site Terms and Conditions – these help keep our members safe and keeps our Community a lively and healthy place.


The following is a list of guidelines for the benefit of everyone using this website:




Use a meaningful ‘subject’ line.


Try to make the subject for posts specific as its more useful to find answers to specific questions than if you use ‘help needed’.


Keep messages concise.


Shorter posts are more likely to be read. If a longer message is needed, use paragraphs to break up the text for easily reading.


Show appreciation.


If you find another members advise helpful remember you can thank them by giving Kudos or by accepting the solution.


Keep posts to the site on topic within threads.


Always try and keep the subject matter around the originally topic of the post. Ignore posts that are off topic as we may remove them to keep the threads on topic.


Post new threads within relevant forum topics.


If you’ve got a subject to post that doesn’t fit with existing topics please post your message in the Support for Other Products & Services section.




Spam the forum with links to other websites.


We do not allow spam advertising of commercial sites, personal sites or unsolicited private messages by reference or linking. Linking to or referring to pages on BT websites is fine, as well as links to personal sites in a member’s signature. If you are unsure what falls into each category, please ask a moderator first.


Use offensive or bad language.


Please treat all users with respect. This forum is meant to promote friendly discussion when exchanging views between one another.


Abuse others.


Don’t get into personal arguments with other members; express your opinion with rational points is the best way to explain your view. Always have a think about how others would react to your post. If anyone has a problem with a post, just report it to a moderator by clicking on the Options menu to the right of the post and selecting Report Abuse to a Moderator.


Post personal details.


Please do not post any personal information in any of the forums. This includes email address, other contact details and copies of private emails or messages. This includes the personal details of any BT employee. If any forum member asks for personal details, please private message a forum moderator for advice.


Post requests for BT to contact you.


Our customer services agents do not monitor the forum, please contact via the usual methods. Argue with a team request or decision If a Forum team member has to make a request or take any action in a thread, members are not permitted to argue with or complain about the action publicly on the forum.


If there are concerns or you do not agree with a specific decision from a team member, you must first direct your complaint to that Forum team member via a private message and wait for a response. Please consider that all team actions are usually considered final and are not open to public scrutiny or debate. Abuse of the forum, forum members or the Forum team managing it, is a breach of the guidelines. 


Thanks & Enjoy the forums!


The Business Support Forum Team

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