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Bt internet email address

Hi I wonder if anyone can help ...

frustratingly since the beginning of October I haven’t been able to access my by internet email account , I have used this for my business for 15 years + ...

At the moment I have a business/broadband package

I have phone BT several times and everytime I go through security I fail !!! They say it’s in my DOB

Either way until someone gets back to me from BT this can’t be reset , so therefore I can’t even put in a complaint ..

Nobody ever gets back to me
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Re: Bt internet email address

Hi Pjsmith


Sorry to hear you've been having issues with your BTinternet email - if your email ends with @ then this is a residental email. Do you pay to keep this email address (aka Premium Mail who are dealt with by 0808 100 6778) or do you have it linked to a BT Residential account?


Either way, BT Business can not assist with @ email addresses so it would need to go to Premium Mail if you pay for it, or the Residential team if you do not.



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