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Issues transferring to Office 365 a long time after leaving BT

Hello all


I believe this has happened to many others so hope someone can give me some guidance.


We left BT years ago transferrig our domain and emails to Rackspace.


Im now trying to instigate a move to Office 365 but am getting the following message: 


We have confirmed that you own, but we cannot add it to this tenant at this time. The domain is already added to a different Office 365 tenant:

Sign in to that tenant as a*** or other admin account and remove domain Then come back here and try adding to this tenant again.

If you can't sign in to as an admin, try resetting your admin password.


I have no idea what this account is?


Can anyone advise how i can check to see if BT still have our domain added within their tenancy?


Any help gretaly received.




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Re: Issues transferring to Office 365 a long time after leaving BT

Hi Tim


Hope you are well and sorry to hear you are having these issues.


There must be some sort of service linked with that domain on our end which is preventing you from migrating to the other tenant. Likely an old O365 Premium service judging by the login information you have presented.


We should be able to take a look at this one in more detail. You can try calling us, but you would probably be better served speaking to our DNS team online at There is a livechat option there open until 4:30PM on weekdays, and also an option to fill out a form for us to get back to you. One of the options deals specifically with transferring domains, so they should be able to find what is still linked on our side and effectively help you un-link it.




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