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Re: Retaining BT Connect email address


Please can someone help me. I am a BT Business customer but we have decided to cancel our account and move back accross to BT residendial.

Will I loose my email address or is there anyway to keep this please?



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Re: Retaining BT Connect email address

Hi Gemma


Unfortunately there is no way to retain your BTConnect email address unless you retain either the broadband or the webhosting service the emails are linked to. If you cancel the service then the emails will eventually be deleted off the system (this may not be immediate, I have seen it take a few months in some instances - but sooner or later it will eventually be removed). I would suggest that you back up any emails you need as soon as possible.


I know with residential you can set up a BTInternet email address, so the residential team should be able to assist with that side of things.


I do apologise that. I hope you can get an alternative sorted without any issue.




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Re: Retaining BT Connect email address

Very poor from BT.


We also want to retain btconnect email addresses, we still have a business  account with BT.

We had 2 adsl lines, switched to one Fibre line.

Same business name, same location, same account number.


BT have refused to transfer our emails from one of our old adsl lines that we wish to remove to our new Full Fibre broadband package..


We offered money, asked for help, but were met with a brick wall. When I ring up they play dumb and confused as if I am asking something incredibly complicated.


(we are not over our email limit, only have 4 addresses in total).


I can't believe we are the first people to have faced this issue of transfering from more than one adsl broadband to a single Fibre line.. and wanting our emails moved.



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