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Setting Up email addresses in Microsoft Office Outlook

Have just purchased Microsoft Office and want to use the Outlook programme for my emails but am having trouble setting up using my email account settings.  I keep getting 'Something went wrong' message.  What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Setting Up email addresses in Microsoft Office Outlook

Hi Grooms


Very sorry to hear you are having these issues.


You can find the settings to set up your email on multiple different platforms here.


If you are still having issues you would be best calling our Enhanced IT Support desk on 0800 500 247. They are usually a chargeable helpdesk, but if you have Inclusive IT support on your account they will be able to help you free of charge. If you do not have Inclusive IT support you can contact our general faults helpdesk on 0800 800 154, however if it is a Microsoft Office package you have purchased they may be very limited in the help they can provide.


I hope you can get this one sorted with the settings provided above!




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