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0 e-mail messages being deleted


I hope someone will be able to offer some advice.  We are using for out BT e-mails and just recently all e-mail messages are being deleted.  When I look in the deleted items folder that folder is empty, but it says there are 2121 messages which can be recovered.


Selecting them all I was hoping to move them back to the inbox, but it seems I can only do that by tagging individual messages and then they can be moved.  However, after doing that as a test for 20 e-mail messages I then logged out and logged back in and again the inbox was empty and the full quanity were deleted again, with the same 2121 messages to be recovered.


Looking at settings I noticed there is a page for a "Retention Policy".  No policy has been selected and I would want to select the option to Never Delete.  However, taking the cautious approach I would prefer to recover the e-mail messages first and then select the "Never delete" policy.


I still don't understand why all e-mails are being deleted and wonder if that is because no Policy has been chosen.

One other factor to mention.  E-mails are also received on two mobile phones, both looking at the same account.  Could they be affecting it somehow?

Any advice that could be offered will be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: e-mail messages being deleted

Hi TerryPeacock


It sounds like it may be that one of the devices that is set up for the account is set to delete emails from the server if deleted from the program, or to delete from server when downloaded. It varies program to program where this is but for Outlook it is usually under the Advanced Settings for the mailbox. 


What program(s) on these devices do you access the email address through? 



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