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Block numbers on cloud voice service

I am trying to create a block list of nuisance numbers (microsoft wanting to fix my internet, etc) but when I try to update my block list I get the error message "Failed to update blacklist".


This happens when I select multiple numbers from my recently received calls.


If I manually add a number (wherein I see a name is required), I get the same message but a page refresh shows the number is added.


Am I right in thinking that the bulk add to block list is failing because each entry needs a name, and there are no names on the recent caller list? Surely they could put the phone number in the name field?

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Re: Block numbers on cloud voice service

Hi Nixonxyx


When you say you're bulk adding to the block list, are you doing this from the BULK FEATURE MANAGEMENT? I have spoken to my colleagues and they have advised the Bulk feature is for setting up contacts so I just want to clarify how exactly you're doing this if that's okay. Can you privately message me so we can discuss further?



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