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Can't Send Fax



We have just installed an analogue fax machine with an ADSL filter. We were able to accept and receive phone calls and we can also receive faxes but for some strange reason we are unable to send faxes. We tested the fax machine at our other office and it worked fine. Any suggestions as to what could affect this? The only difference with this setup is that the router is on the same filter as the fax machine.





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Re: Can't Send Fax

Hi Raymond


Sorry to hear you are having these issues.


When you tested the fax machine at your other office was it connected to a telephone system and therefore pre-dialling 9 at the start for an external line? If so you don’t need the 9 for a standard line.


Also: try calling your mobile from the fax machine and see if it rings.


Hopefully the issue is just the 9, but if not, feel free to get in touch with our technical team so we can get your line tested. Smiley Happy




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