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TalkTalk vs BT = No working phone

I transferred from TalkTalk to BT Business and my physical line was moved to a digital one.
But the number was never setup so I can make calls out but cannot receive calls.
I have spoken to BT numerous times being passed around for hours on end and also spent 5hrs talking with TalkTalk who did the same. BT blame them - they blame BT. I asked for the physical line to be added to my account (and I would pay) but was told they no longer do that.
I am left without a phone that people can ring and without a service people can use. The church has had this number for over 20 years!
Having rung again today I am told that the order was cancelled and will be reopened but it does not look promising. Can anyone help?
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Re: TalkTalk vs BT = No working phone

Hi Russell-P


Sorry for such a late reply, and sorry that you were having issues with the order process for the phone line. Did you managed to get this sorted?



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