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Avaya IP 500 with no records & no help - that we cant redirect!

We have an Avaya Voip (IP 500) system on a SIP trunk/leased circuit with 10 DDIs - set up by my ex business partner. I have no idea how to see what the programming is or how to change it as its currently set up to route all calls on our main number to a voicemail message he recorded - we cant even change that!


We have diverted our other DDIs/extensions to an answering service, but the main one is stuck & as we are in London everyones having to work from home. So over the weekend (we are a shop) we had no one answering our calls. Ive been on hold to BT for hours (literally.) Since Friday at around 5 & now since 9.30.


Is there any way I can find out if theres remote access? Or how it was set up? How do we get into it & turn off that voicemail? If it helps its set up to ring an extension we dont use & then everyone uses call pickup to get the calls. I can 'divert' the phone & 'record' a message - inverted commas because regardless of what I do the system takes over. And it goes to his voicemail.


I honestly never thought this wpuld be such a nightmare. We had a full outage on the street till around 2 on Thursday & by the time I got the number from the answering service, tested it & realised it just wasnt working then sat on a useless chat the Avaya support team had just gone home. We have no account manager, & none of the original staff are there.


All I need to know is how we can fix this. Can I log in remotely? What am I looking for in the programming to change? Nightmare.

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Re: Avaya IP 500 with no records & no help - that we cant redirect!



Very sorry to hear you are having these issues.


In terms of the features on the Avaya system, it is not something I am readily familiar with. We do have an AVAYA helpdesk as you alluded to, so if possible I would try to persevere with them. They would really be the only people who would have the knowledge on the functions of the system itself.


I have also went on the AVAYA website and found this manual - not sure if it will be of help or not, but hopefully there is some useful information in it for you. You can access that here.


I do hope you can get this sorted ASAP, and again my sincere apologies about all the difficulties you have had with this one.




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