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BT Cloud Voice T46G phone Login details



Does anyone know the new login details for the T46G phones? After the latest firmware update default admin password no longer works so we are all locked out of phone's web admin site so we can't make changes to our address books, load new ringtones etc. I have tried asking BT but keep on hitting a brick wall. Maybe someone in here knows? Our firmware is

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Re: BT Cloud Voice T46G phone Login details

Hi Mask2082


Sorry to hear youa re having issues with this. If this is provided through ourselves it will more than likley be a Cloud Phone service or a  Cloud Voice service. I would recommend checking this out with either the Cloud Phone or Cloud voice teams, who you can reach on 0800 389 0598 and 0800 389 0537 respectively.


If you give those guys a call they should be able to check what type of service you have, and if need be get you to the correct department so that someone can assist you with this query.


I do hope you are able to get this all sorted!




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