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BT One Phone

I was recently contacted by BT to tell me that the BT Cloud Phone system my business uses was going to be closed, and that we needed to switch to BT One Phone. We are part way through to the switch, but having looked over BT One Phone further it is nothing like what was sold by BT, it is seemingly based around mobile use which we don't require, and has none of the features of the current Cloud Phone system.


Is it correct that the previous BT Cloud Phone is being closed, and if not why have we been moved?

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Re: BT One Phone

Hi Stephen


Cloud Phone is not closing to my knowledge, in fact it is one of our most popular services - so I am quite puzzled as to why you would be switching over to One Phone, which as you mention is based around mobile. It doesn't really make much sense to be if I'm honest.


I would recommend getting back in touch with the cloud phone team to try and clarify what exactly the service change in, as I say there is none that I am aware of = but we have several different cloud services and it could be a specific one that is changing that I would not be privy to. If you have been put on a new package that you have been mis-sold, we should be raising a mis-sale for that and getting your old service reinstated if we can.


Let me know if you need any further assistance from my end!




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