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Moving phone number to new location




My company has two premises and I want to move the phone number from one premises (place 1) to the other (place 2). Our phone line at place 1 is with Virgin Media; we no longer need a line there but we want to keep the number and transfer it to our line at place 2. Our current line at place 2 is with BT and we want to renumber it with the current line at place 1.


I've been trying to sort this out for months but different BT representatives tell me different information or don't reply to my emails. I've made two complaints to BT about poor customer service but haven't had a reply to either of these. What I gather, however, is that I will need a digital line in place 2 in order to maintain our business number.


Has anyone had any success doing this?

Can any BT representatives talk to me who will give me clear information, will answer my questions, and will follow this through to conclusion?



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