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Router Configuration



We had BT Cloud Voice installed a few years ago now and it's currently sitting on a home broadband router, which has supprisingly served us quite well.


However, being the cautious type, I wanted to get a business router set up and ready for the impending day when the home router packs up, so I purchased a Draytek Vigor 2960 and got it set up and ready to handle the phones.


However, when we tried it out, we found a lot of the phones would cut out during conversation and there were a lot of breaks in it which made the usage awful.


I suspect it's down to the Qos, but I am sure I checked all this and set it as best as possible. I'm just mildly surprised that a home router happily runs the phone system with little or no setup.


Any suggestions or configuration tips that would point me in the right direction please?  The phone system is on it's own separate network, so has no other data on it apart from the phones.

Many thanks



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Re: Router Configuration

Hi Matt


Hope you are well.


In regards to the Draytek router, I will be honest my knowledge may be limited - but others on the forum may have nore experise in that department. Just wondering in regards to the service if the broadband also cuts out for you? Or is it just the cloud phones?


If the broadband cuts out too, it could potentially be a conveniently (or inconveniently in this case) timed fault occuring on the line, rather than being the fault of the router itself.


In terms of configuration - I would not be aware of anythin gneeding to be done outside of maybe opening ports on the router firewall if your phone system requires that, and making sure the correct broadband user details are input on the Draytek router.




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