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Problem while installing apps from external sources

Hello everyone,


I have an android phone.I upgraded it to Marshmallow and did a full reset in the process so it was a clean install. while searching on play several apps on play store i came across the Blockchain app advertising and wanted to install it. Now I can't seem to install any apps from outside the Google Play Store. I have enabled the setting of "Unknown sources - allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store". When I try install an .apk file I get the following error: "Parse error - There was a problem parsing the package". Specifically I'm trying to install games from the Humble Bundle app, but since this is happening to all games that I try to install I figure the problem isn't with the .apks but with my phone. Any ideas what would cause this?


Any help would be appreciated!!!




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Re: Problem while installing apps from external sources

Hi MyersKimb


Firstly, a warm welcome to our forums! Hopefully you find some benefit to being a part of our community!


In terms of this issue, I would not be sure of the resolution myself as it is not strictly a BT issue as much as it is a software issue. I am going to move this topic to our general chatter board and hopefully someone in our community will have the knowledge to assist you with this!




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