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does anyone know what they are doing at bt?


Pre November 2020, had 2 phone lines with BTBusiness, one had a phone and broadband the other had just a second phone, numbers ending 761 and 764.

November 2020, got a call from bt sales and was convinced to go to the Halo VOIP system, agreed with the sales person to drop one landline as we rarley used it, we decided to drop the 761 number.

the deal was emailed through for 2 sims 1 with international calls, bt halo for the 764 number and business broadband, total quoted was £88.00 per month total, I still have the email!

Waited till january to get the equipment sen to us.

January 15th equipment arrives, set it all up but the voip dosent work and the broadband is skethcy so called bt, as id suspected the hub 5 was not great got a hub6 to replace it.

No joy, voip phone still dosent work and the broadband is still dropping one or more times a day, contact bt and they reprovision the line and send out a new handset and base station, this unsurprisingly dosent fix the problem.

rinse repeat a few times, we now have 3 handset and base stations, no landline and bills some of which are £170.00

By now ive spent hours on the phone, hours on the websites chat help desk and lost all confidence, so i request the services be rolled back, so engineer booked and a guy from kelly comunications turns up, connects the phone to an analouge line but fubars the broadband which then drops to 4g assure (atleast something actually worked!)

engineer says we would never get the voip system to work without fibre to the premises which is definately wrong. claimes he fixed everything but left us with no broadband

Engineer that came today was very puzzled that he couldnt get both bb and phone working, since weve not had a working landline since JANUARY i opted for him getting the broadband working, but he did advise the bb was on a digital line and the phone on  a analouge line and i would be paying to much, now seeing as bt hasnt at any point fulfilled their contract fully i think ive been paying to much since january , it would be great if someone from bt, a complaints handler or someone would take ownership of this, and actually make sure it got sorted because so far ive seen nothing to give me any confidence.

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Re: does anyone know what they are doing at bt?

Hi Paul-George


I'm sorry to hear about all the issues you've had with the line and broadband. Did you manage to get this resolved? If not, please privately message me some details and I will get this looked into.



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.Re: does anyone know what they are doing at bt?

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Digital Voice doesn’t mean that everyone making phone calls will sound like robots, fun though that would be. It means that, instead of plugging your phone into the telephone socket in the wall.


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