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2700 business hub - WPA-PSK support lost?


I spent over 2 hours on the phone with technical support today. My problem started this last weekend - many devices (ethernet & wireless) were being allocated the wrong gateway address ( versus, and IP addresses were "higher" than usual (e.g. Result was inability of those devices to get onto the internet


I had a spare (unused) hub which I installed today, and that created the same problem.  So onto tech support.


After multiple hard resets of the hub, trying static IP addresses, and changing wireless configs - the net result was (somehow) ethernet connections are back working (at least at the moment), but I had to change wireless setup.


Specifically I was told that there was apparently a recent hub upgrade performed which resulted in WPA wireless authentication no longer working, and I had to change all wireless devices back to using WEP. My laptops are now working on wireless ok, but I also have 2 "wireless extenders" that I know for one at least I could never get WEP working on it.


This is therefore going to create wireless distruption where I work, and is (assuming true) a retrograde step in security - and I could not find out if-and-when the problem is to be corrected, or how I would find out if-and-when corrected.


Would love to hear from anyone from BT on this.




Grand Master

Hi igoodall,


We have seen issues with the update and WPA authentication, this should be resolved by going to Settings> Diagnostics> Resets and using the Wireless Configuration Reset option. From there you can then configure the wireless settings back to what you originally had them set to. The change over has only caused issues with WPA which can be reset by the method mentioned, it shouldn't inherently break it.

With regards to the routers local IP and DHCP range changing, I haven't seen or heard of this happening... especially after a factory reset. The firmware is hardcoded to with the 65> DHCP range and this has never been any different, so there is no previous code set that could have conflicted and caused it to change to this.


Generally in that situation I would disconnect all equipment, connect a stand alone PC and check what gateway and IP are being assigned, this will rule out any conflicting DHCP server on the network taking control and assigning IP's. The only time i've seen any instance of incorrect gateway after a factory reset is when another device has also been set to handle DHCP for the network.