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Help shape the re-design of BT Business Help

Work is underway to improve our BT Business Help site.   Our survey is now closed, but we'd really appreciate your feedback through this Community.   Have a look round and give us your thoughts and views - have you ever had to use our help area? Did ...

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Jen1 by Administrator
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Cloud Voice Express/Cloud Voice

Hi everyone, we signed up for cloud voice express under advisement from BT in mid January, 7 months later our small business still has no landline and its costing us customers daily.I am stuck between BT Business and BT Complaints neither of which wi...

Hamble by Member
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BT claiming I'm outside the UK when I'm not

I keep being told when trying to use MyOffie services, having successfully logged on: "...we have restricted access to Manage services to locations outside the UK". Oddly enough that reads as if you can only do it from outside the UK but I think it m...

How do you put this in BT Pairing mode?

I have two issues with this device that are very frustrating. First is pairing. I got a new device and want to pair it but there are zero instructions on how to Bluetooth pair this device. How do I put it in pairing mode?Second is you can not disconn...

boydd by Member
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I need help to deal with BT

I am posting this because 18 months of telephoning has not resolved the problem, and I will have no option other than to go to the ombudsman as well as seek compensation through the courts if this cannot be resolved.The current complaints reference i...

best mtu for ppoe connection?

By default my router says 1480 is the default, and maximum I can enter is 1492.My Question is Should I increase this to 1492? or can that cause problems?

seroo by Member
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I'm sorry but bt have bad wifi

I have the bt hub6 and used to be fine, until they made this halo 3 and fell as if they have slowed down my wifi, to the point that it becomes unbearable, however when we complained, the wifi went faster, but has slowed down now to its slow state bef...

otagg by Member
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Thoughts on BT?

What are people's thoughts on BT? the share price just seems to constantly fall.... regret putting anything into them

zataka by Member
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Any way to get faster internet speeds?

The speed is quite lacking. especially for the price.Moreover would you be able to buy business wifi without said business.This would be alot better as I am looking to host a server on my network and need those extra speeds.

danna by Member
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Leaving BT early without paying cancellation fee?

Hi all,I signed up to another contract with BT in December, then in January Virgin have launched in our area.I currently play £44.66 per month for 120mbps Internet only. Which, when looking at the alternative £30 a month for 256mbps from Virgin, is a...

axool by Member
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