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Viewing localhost website from mobile device

I have an ASP.Net website hosted on my Win8's localhost, the site seems to be running as expected on the desktop, but now i also want to test the site website on mobile device to check how it rendersIs there anyway i can access the website from my mo...

HTC Radar 1571 Didn't not work

Hello,Sim has been taken out of old phone and put int, HTC radar phone 1571 has never worked even before, although I was able to divert calls to another phone if I was unable to answer but now I need to get this sorted and access to my mobile answer ...

Increase max count azure mobile services android

I am doing android-azure mobile app offline sync. and currently use this code to pull tabletable.pull(query).get();however with this the max top is always 50 which causes many calls.  McDVOICEnow to set top i read, you have to do ,QueryOperations().f...

Cody145 by Member
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BT Business PAC to BT Family SIM

 HiI want to move my BT phone number (which is on a BT business account) to my Family SIM package.Ive been told this is not possible by the 0800 desk?Im told i must use the new number which is a pain so I am considering leaving BT now.Is this correct...

apexcut by Member
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WhatsApp issues when

A little notification pops up on my phone saying WhatsApp can't connect using the current WiFi and to switch to mobile. I've had a Google of this and tried all troubleshooting from WhatsApp. Restarted my by hub, reinstalled WhatsApp, reset network se...

Android Virtual Device for Huawei Mobile Services

I want to apply HMS to my app. However, buying an actual Huawei phone is not on my shortlist. Does Huawei provide an Android Virtual Device for that purpose? If not, how to test if my implementation of HMS actually works? Official Website

Multiple mobiles-one number?

We are a small charity with 3 people job sharing and needing to communicate with service users.  Is there a way that they could each use their phone using the one mobile number so that they all see and receive texts and calls?  They use iphones.

Anyone use Wireless Broadband?

Hey guys. Currently looking for a rental, and in terms of internet connection, many properties are only eligible for wireless broadband.Anyone use wireless? In terms of speed and reliability, how does it compare to cable / ADSL?Appreciate your feedba...