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Leaving bt one phone

Hi there I'm signed a new contract with bt three months ago and bt still charged me for my old bt one phone  

eurog2 by Member
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Three or BT Mobile/EE?

Just reaching out for opinions really - been with Three for years and quite happy, but BT Mobile is cheaper and I'm pretty sure EE (same network) has better coverage than Three. Not fussed about customer service as I never have reason to call them! A...

warev by Member
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Mobile ohone

Can you add mobile phones to an business internet package 

Arm by Member
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Any way to disable Bluetooth auto connect?

My most hated "feature" of all time - Bluetooth auto connect. I have my phone connected to the stereo in the garage via BT, and streaming up the truck in the driveway to move it, the phone auto connects to the truck, starts playing music ...

ikome by Member
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Enable/Disable BT connection

Hey all, I have a strange problem with my Gear S3 and Nexus 6P and seems tasker is the only way to fix it! The problem is I use my Gear to answer and make calls, but when I get in my car, car bluetooth wont connect to phone audio since Gear is connec...

BT Connection keeps dropping every 2 minutes

My Internet connection (provided by my landlord) keeps dropping at regular intervals, especially in the evening.Currently, the network uptime reaches 2 mins and then it disconnects.I even got my landlord to call BT and replace the Hub, but the proble...

BT Business Complaint - WE NEED HELP PLEASE BT

I am putting this message on here in the unlikely event that someone from BT sees it and decides to get in touch. We sent the email contents below to BT on the 12th October because despite a complaint being established on the 21st September no one ha...

DB23 by Member
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What mobile phone provider are you with, and why?

I've been with Three for as long as I can remember, and their Go Roam feature which allowed me to use my data in most countries I visit without any extra expense was one of the main driving factors for this.Recently, they've announced that they are r...

hayli by Member
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Packet Loss - UK BT Broadband

Just wanted to see if anyone had any advice on a slight issue I'm having with Geforce Now on BT Broadband in the UK. My speed is 50mbps and on my network test on Ethernet or Wi-Fi Packet Loss is always 0.Now when I'm playing I limit the bitrate to 35...