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Keep getting emails to verify account

Been asked to repost here. Been told this is a scam and just to delete email. Keep getting these emails all the time, are they scam emails From BT Enterprise Communications <lspacenatasha@btconnect.com> Hello (my email address) This is the final noti...

Bt Business Hub 3 with using a Sonciwall TZ270W

Hi I will explain this best as I can clearly and easily. So our Setup is as follow we have a BT Business Hub 3 on FFTP , we then use a Sonicwall TZ270W as our second line of security to further protect our business. Now it was working for a solid 3 m...

LSMH1 by Member
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Ongoing FTTP Fault, Flashing PON light on Adtran ONT

FTTP was recently made available on my street, so I moved to 900mb FTTP from dsl within weeks of the announcement – I run a web server/api which is the primary product of the business. It was running fine for approximately 1 month. At the first billi...

F10XDE by Member
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Yealink T46U VOIP Won't save ringtone change

HI,We've recently had 8 phones installed on the cloud voice with 2 different incoming numbers.We want to change the ringtone on 4 of these phones which are grouped to a number.  However when i've changed the ringtone of these phones it won't save and...

Maj by Member
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BT Smart Hub Channel Change Question

I'm trying to isolate some potential issues with network congestion and wanted to try changing the channel from 36 to 40 as I can see several home networks around me are also using channel 36.However, when I go change the channel, I'm met with a warn...

Dreammachine and BT Business Hub 2

I've been contacted by a company that has a full setup for ubitiqi for the office they are moving into, previously not IT guy so are looking for me to install it. Looks like they have bought it off paper and not thought longevity about how it will wo...

lexed by Member
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Smart Hub 3 features

Can anyone advise, please, whether or not the BT Smart Hub 3, supplied with BT Business Broadband packages:Supports Alexa on the BT Advanced Digital Phone with Alexa?Has DDNS capabilities?

Reduced WIFI signal and increased BT-WifiX

BT seem to have been reducing the power of the routers Wifi signal whilst increasing the power of the BT-WifiX signal.This would make sense because **bleep** the customer.I can no longer get a signal in places I used to get one, but I can see the Wif...

ivrak by Member
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