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BT Connect FUBAR

Come on BT.  Pull your fingers out!  So many customers have problems accessing BT Connect emails and you issue tutorials on how to download your bill. I'm fortunate to have Gmail.  I can't access  my BT emails and I can't reset my password even thoug...

kelper by Guru
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BTConnect email Support ?

As BT no longer support BTConnect email accounts. Who can we contact in our hour of need ?.I've been unable to login to my account since Tuesday and no matter how many times I try and attempt to reset my password, I keep going round in a loop back to...

Lesg1 by Member
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Bt connect email address issues

I've got a btconnect.com email address which is supplied as standard email as part of my broadband package. On Wednesday it stopped working. After 2 days and over 5 hours on calls to various helpdesks, we've been told that it's unrecoverable and all ...

TeresaG by Member
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Scam/suspicious emails

Please help. I have started to receive e-mails from "btconnect¦SupportTeam¦whatevername@icloud.comSubject:  Review and apprehend signature on March (whatever date they choose) 2023Attachments:  Completion statement.htm Is this a scam please?  I have ...

Lesley1 by Member
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About router

I have received my order todaywhen an engineer will come to start it

Fahaf by Member
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Broadband shut down

We are a digital marketing agency based in Cumbria.  Up until last Monday (20th March) we never had any problems with broadband except for the odd drop out which soon came back up.  Last Monday we suddenly lost our broadband altogether.  When we cont...

Upload latency

Recently upgraded our business FTTP package from 300/30 to 500/70 and have the latest hub as part of the package. Ever since this change we have been having issues with our VOIP phone system and latency.On doing a speedtest I can see that the upload ...

Yealink HD call quality bad

Since having VOIP Yealink put in the call quality has been bad, distant, quiet, muffled, and no upper frequency.Our broadband is 80/20 with virtually zero use during calls, router setup on install.The phone system works fine, but call quality isnt go...

psprigs by Member
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Resolved! BTconnect emails being discontinued

Please can someone tell me if btconnect pop legacy email addresses are being discontinued.  If this is to happen then there will be a lot of people who will be disrupted, both on a personal level and business level.   We have been told this is happen...

AngelaP by Member
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hand set issues

Hi, a little help needed. When a call comes in my handset cuts it off immediately and the caller hears the engaged tone. any ideas how I rectify this please? 

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