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Hybrid Connect

I believe this amy have been asked before but can anyone confirm or otherwise that port forwarding still works when the hybrid connect is live.We have a fixed/static external address and all works ok when fibre connection is live but port forwarding ...

Haggis by Member
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discs slower than before?

got some discs installed recently and was told by an engineer that our old repeaters are obsolete. Since the new ones, my download speeds have been way faster, but I seem to lag more in games. I'd rather have the slow download speeds than the lag. Do...

lorky by Member
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Any way to get faster internet speeds?

The speed is quite lacking. especially for the price.Moreover would you be able to buy business wifi without said business.This would be alot better as I am looking to host a server on my network and need those extra speeds.

terty by Member
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Bridge/Routed Mode: Block of 5 IP's possible?

Hello,I currently have a Hub2 in bridge/routed mode with a Meraki MX behind which is doing the PPPoE and firewalling. I have a single static IP.  I have enquired about adding a block of 5 IPs and was told this is available for an extra cost. Fine.I j...

DDIT by Member
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Resolved! No access to webhosting and email services

HI therehope you can help, I have a domain name and several emails hosted by BT business (set up years ago)....I can log into the BT Business front page but I can no longer access any services to administer web page change or email etc. I spoke to so...

BT Cloud Phone without BT broadband

Hi!I hope you can help please.We rent a serviced office that has an internet connection included. We are out of contract with our old BT business broadband and would like to cancel as no longer needed. However, we wish to retain the BT cloud phone sy...

Luis by Member
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Openreach are a closed shop!

9 weeks in and over 2 weeks since opening our shop, Openreach are yet to install the cables to connect us. We are a small business and need internet to run our software. At the moment we have a Gigacube using 3G but it can't cope with the level of da...

Free Upgrade Letter

I am on broadband. I accidentally threw out/misplaced/lost an unopened letter. I think it was advertising a free fiber upgrade.Is that a true free upgrade or was it-- "we'll switch you to fibre for free, but you'll be paying more (fibre prices)"?

b1azza by Member
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Is BT's T&C even legal?

I mean..it is online and it can change anytime..they literally can change it overnight and nobody would notice..I have never received a pdf or contract even.. any thoughts?

alled by Member
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