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Frequently asked questions - Phone lines

How do I do proper telephone line checks? Checking the wiring if you’re having issues with your phone can often solve, or help pinpoint the issue. Here’s a link to a help article on how to check your internal phone wiring.   How do I divert calls? Wi...

BethM by Administrator
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Problems with your BT landline?

If you have problems with your BT phoneline, there are a few checks that we recommend you carry out before calling us. These checks can help you resolve your issue, or at the very least help you eliminate any internal wiring problems that could be im...

Getting a specific telephone number

Hi,I'm wondering if it is possible to get a specific landline phone number (in addition to my current landline) from a different geographic area. We are currently 0121 751 XXXWe would like to add 01543 677 XXXThe number was in use until about a year ...

Cloud voice express number no service

Cloud voice express was not ported since July 2023. Finally ported in December 2023, now the phone number is not able to receive calls from majority of mobile networks. We are a pharmacy and the phone line is a lifeline..we need a functional number. ...

Landline cancelled by BT in error

My landline was wrongly disconnected by BT nearly 2 weeks ago and it hasn't been reconnected yet after numerous phone calls and emails. I am starting to suffer a loss of business because of the phone line not working for so long.  Also I discovered t...

Indie10 by Member
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New contract, no phone line for over 6 weeks and counting

I’m at wits end.i have no business phone number and have been trying for over 6 losing money.I’ve spent days on the phone and probably spoke to every employee in the company who can only advise for me to wait 48hrs whilst they cancel and re ...

Scott1 by Member
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ATA191 Analogue Voice Adapter - ring voltage too low?

Does anyone know what ring voltage BT configures its ATA191/ATA 192 Analogue Voice Adapters to use? I have just helped set up Cloud Voice Express for our village pub. The pub has a non-BT router without a VOIP port (and it makes sense to stick with t...

keeping landline number

I have had a landline number for fifty years.  Many people professionally have this number.  I currently have Virgin but am moving to a building where they do not function. I am told that my options for the fibrin the building are Sky or BT.  Sky say...

BT have 'lost' my landline number..

Hello,  I'm hoping someone can help me please?As a BT business customer we renewed and upgraded to a full fibre system and since it was installed on the 19th December I have not had one inbound call.  Please help! We are a small business and have had...

New Business Line

My company is vacating some of the warehouses on our site. I will be reletting these units, but they currently do not have an independent phone line/broadband. I need to install a line ready for tenants, although the line would not need to be used un...

Help with BT Connected triggered profile on Phone restart

Hi guys, I'm unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to do following:I have a smartwatch that is connected to the phone. Whenever it is connected I want to have the phone on silent (DND) as all the notifications are forwarded to the watch. When the w...