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Any issues with Firmware Version (Type A) causing Drop Outs

In our office we are currently have 4 BT Business Infinity Premium lines installed. 2 of the routers have started dropping out on multiple occasions. I reported one of these two lines to BT who noticed a fault on the line and sent an OpenReach engineer out. They fixed the line, done a 5minute test and advised that this was working again at 100%. Since the engineers fixed the line yesterday morning the router has rebooted almost 80 times!


The other two lines have had no issues or dropouts and the only difference I can see is that the two faulty routers have the firmware version (Type A) on and the two that work have version (Type A). The two that work haven't had a firmware update since November 2017 and I'm worried that when they do update they'll start rebooting every 20mins too.

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